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Membership Application  NEW


IACIP now accepts online membership registration. To become a member, please finish the following procedure:


(1) Pay the membership fee through PayPal with your debit/credit card or PayPal account. The general annual membership fee is $26 for professional members, and $10 for full-time student members (for all undergraduate and graduate students). 

(2) You will receive a 16-digit receipt number through email from PayPal, please use this number to fill out the Membership Application Form below. IACIP will contact you within 3 workdays after the application is submitted.

Pay Membership Fee

Please pay your membership fee before submitting your Membership Application Form.

For professional membership, please pay here with $100.00

For full-time student member, please pay here with $25.00

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Donate Us

IACIP also accept donation for future events, please contact us before donating to us.

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Membership Application Form


To become a member, please 1) finish the payment of membership fee, 2) obtain the receipt number from PayPal, and 3) fill out this application completely and click Submit button

By clicking the Submit button, I agree on the bylaws of IACIP and am applying for a member of the International Association of Chinese Infrastructure Professionals (IACIP).  I understand my membership becomes valid after my application is approved by the IACIP board and I pay my membership fee. 

Thanks for your registration

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